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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  March 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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melting down. today's blast only intensifies fears as the crews work to prevent the release of radiation in that area. same on perez tonight looks at whether it is possible the radiation from japan to make its way here to the bay area. simon? record record allen, experts say that is quite unlikely that it will get here to ocean beach and the rest of california. even if it did, experts say there is a system in place to detect it. >> the only thing i would be surprised is if we actually detected anything. i mean, i really don't think that's going to happen. >> reporter: katherine is a nuclear expert at oregon state university. she says the small amount of radioactive material released into the air in japan will drop into the pacific ocean before it reaches the coast. >> when you dissolve salt into water, what happens? while dilution is not the solution to pollution in this case, it is going to make it so you really can't measure it. are. >> reporter: for more than 25 years the california department of health has operated a system
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of sensors to detect radioactive material in the state's air, water and food. the sensors are placed along the coast from border to border. the state won't say where the sensors are for security reasons. those same sensors picked up radioactive particles in the atmosphere after the chernobyl disaster in 1986. beyond that? >> the agency has a series of systems and the comprehensive test band treaty folks have monitoring systems globally. nuclear power stations have air and water sampling systems. and defense facilities that work with nuclear materials have a lot of different sampling systems that allow them to look, sniff and find radioactive materials and radiation in the environment. >> reporter: in fact, nuclear facilities like the ones here are required to have safety plans to monitor disasters. >> the plants are going to have six monitoring systems close in to the plant and a few miles out. and then they have mobile teams
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that they can send. and then the federal government also has response teams that can go basically anywhere in the world within about four hours. i mean, these are folks that can respond to substantial threats. and they have extraordinarily high-tech equipment. >> reporter: so with the likelihood of radiation reaching our shores so remote she says go ahead, head to the beach. >> enjoy the view. >> reporter: which is certainly difficult to do on a day like today. but higly says this is not to make light of what happened in japan. proximity is the most important thing, allen. those people right here the reactors could, indeed, have some health problems. we are just fortunate to be so far away. >> only time will tell. simon perez in san francisco, thanks. $17 million in damage, that's the current price tag after friday's tsunami waves pounded the santa cruz harbor. so far five boats have been pulled from the watery depths. another 12 are missing. len ramirez is with owners who are now coping with the loss of
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their boats. >> reporter: well, dana, as you mentioned this is the fifth boat that has been salvage as you can see only within the last few minutes the salvage crews have been able to lift it up and get it underway. many more boats are underwater that still have to be rescued during this long process of cleanup. one by one, boats sunk by the tsunami were fished out of the santa cruz harbor. just as it was when the boats were sinking, crowds gathered to watch. but for some, it was not just a curiosity. >> it is a little unnerving watching everything come in and watching all of my personal belongings floating out of the boat right now. >> reporter: for jody the now capsized cruiser called trident was also his home and it is a complete loss. >> i didn't think it would be that hard to deal with, you know, at first it is amazing nature in all of its power and glory and everything. and looking down on it, you know, it doesn't seem very real at first, you know what i mean? but now it's obviously very
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real. >> reporter: although the tsunami warnings were sounded early, no one was really ready when it finally hit. and then hit again and again. the powerful surges sunk 18 boats and damaged another 100. the santa cruz harbor suffered an estimated $17 million in structural damage. the direction of the surge was pretty much had us in its, you know, sights. >> reporter: that plus the funnel shape of the harbor magnified the damage. >> as the waves migrated under the murray street bridge it became more of a standing wave. and that's where you seem some of the video that looks like actual surf taking out the docks and boats in the north harbor. once it reaps the end of the north harbor there is nowhere for that energy to go besides bouncing back. >> reporter: state emergency management officials toured the harbor by boat this morning. santa cruz and three other counties are already state disaster areas. state officials hope to make the case for getting federal disaster relief funds which
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could help the victims recover. >> the first step is to get it safe. the next step is to get it cleaned up. the next step after that is to get it restored. >> reporter: and it is a very long and difficult process. harbor officials here in santa cruz say they probably won't have the harbor open until probably the weekend. it could take longer. this one boat that they have been working on all day barely got up out of the water this afternoon, dana. so it is going to be a very long process. also there is an update to that 12th missing boat. they were able to find two of the boats in different slips, if you can believe that, that they thought were missing. so there is now 10 missing boats in addition to the 18 that were sunk and the 100 or so that have been damaged. >> the water just bobbed them around like corks. >> absolutely. they were just bobbing in the water. >> len ramirez, thank you. a town hall meeting has just begun in crescent city, whose harbor was virtually
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destroyed by the pacific tsunami. city leaders are discussing response efforts to determine if anything more could have been done. at least 50 boats were damaged, including 15 that sank. there is also major damage to the inner harbor. [ music ] breaking news now in marin county where police have responded to a report of an armed bank robbery. joe vasquez is there with the latest on what's going on. joe, what do you have? >> reporter: allen, a pretty tense scene behind me. you can see the bank of america. that is at sanford. and there you see the officers. in fact, officers have sounded this bank of america. the situation started at around 4:30 this afternoon. the bay city news quoting zanata a community service officer with the police said that there were employees inside the bank, but they have been evacuated. and right now we understand that a gunman is still inside the bank. and we understand a negotiation
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is underway with that gunman. i talked to several people out here along here who told me that ultimately they have been talked to by the police. they have been pushed back one block, two blocks. and they have been told along the way that he is armed. so they are assuming that means the man who is inside the bank is armed. that appears to square away with what the police are saying right now. we don't know what the situation is right now, whether the communication is continuing or whether the man has stopped communicating. we will have to sort of pick back up on the story and talk to the police a bit more. but allen, right now it appears to be a bank robbery where there were some people perhaps held hostage for a while. they were let go in an orderly fashion. a police officer escorted them out. now man -- one man, appeared to be armed. >> are you just off 101 next to town center shopping center there? >> reporter: that's right. we are not far from the shopping center. and this is tamil pius drive.
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a block from 101 to the west side of the highway. you know, you can see the bank of america there is surrounded by police officers and fbi agents right now. >> all right. we will leave you there and get back to you with the very latest. joe vasquez, thanks. well, also tonight, we can tell you many of japan's major manufacturers, as we get back to that story of the earthquake those manufacturers have stopped production. simply no way to get anything in and out of the country. what does that mean for the high-tech areas in the bay area. mark there in silicone valley with the economic impact being felt now. mark? >> to give you one example of what we are talking about here, japan makes 30% of the world's flash memory which is of course used in just about every smart phone and camera. but industry analysts in silicone valley say it is really too soon to have a sure- fire picture on what exactly this will mean for the american consumer. when you start up your car in the morning, you are likely not
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thinking about the technology inside. but one silicone valley company impacted by the earthquake is a world leader in micro controller chips critical in cars. >> these are little computers that are used for everything. they are supposed to be something like 30 of them in the average automobile that ships nowadays. >> reporter: jim handy is and an list with objective analysis which follows the microchip industry. he says santa clara based renaissance has manufacturing plants in the hard-hit quake zone. in a statement the company confirmed that 7 of its 22 factories in japan have temporarily shut down production. and you will find, like, one per window in the automatic windows that roll down just to, you know, monitor when the window is all the way down and when it's autopsy. >> he says the earthquake could cause shortages for cars and other computer products but also delay availability in some case. but he says any price hikes would likely only occur at the wholesale level. >> with you -- but the higher prices won't be passed on to
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the consumers. consumer electronics companies believe in price points. another company is scandisk which makes flash memory cards. the plant shut down after the quake but in a statement says it sees minimal on the output. >> not much of an impact from a consumer impact. >> reporter: the quake does reinforce one thing, the close ties between japan and silicone valley. >> a lot of materials come from japan and a lot of materials go to japan. apple, for example, has a huge market in japan for its products. >> reporter: another thing that analysts here in silicone valley are looking at very carefully is the supply chain with the disruption to ports and the rail systems and the freeways in japan will be parts and equipment that are made in japan be able to get elsewhere in the world that is needed? allen, many of those questions at this point simply don't have answers. >> mark sayre in san jose, thanks. well, while many in the bay
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area share a close link with the people in japan. there are family ties and business partnerships. but ann is in concord with that city's special bond with those near the disaster zone. ann? >> reporter: and dana, this is the concord friendship garden. but this is more than just a sister city status in name only. they really have developed deep, deep friendships over the years. it is certainly apparent when you look at the number of e- mails that have crossed the pacific asking: how can we help? all the japanese mind is very damaged because of earthquake. we wish to express our gratitude for the persons in a lot of countries, including the americans sending to japan warm support. >> reporter: florence was relieved to hear her former exchange student is okay after the earthquake. like those of us here, they are prone to earthquakes like this one in 2008. >> there are a lot of earthquakes in japan. every time there is one? >> we always e-mail back and forth or we call. we have always done that. >> reporter: the artwork at concord city hall shows the
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close ties the city has with japan. nearly 40 years ago they established a sister relationship. they exchange every five years and both cities host student exchange and young a.m. because considers programs and even sent teachers to teach english. >> it is about 70 miles north of the sendai and 40 miles inland. >> reporter: the city was shook but spared the tsunami. mike pastrick is the president of ambassadors and has visited twice. he is friends with the city's mayor. >> i have not heard from the mayor yet. i am not surprised on that. i'm sure his hand are full. i know mine would be. >> reporter: but from various reports he has been able to figure out a few details. >> if he have 11 shelters within the city they have opened up. they have been on and off with the power and water. >> there we go 20 years ago. >> reporter: susan and her sister mary were the first teachers to go over with the
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ambassador program in 1989. her sister is still teaching there although living in another city. >> she was scared. as she put it everything was shaking, rattling and rolling. >> reporter: she found out saturday her sister is okay but still unclear how badly the area is damaged. >> i don't even think she knows. she said because they had no electricity they had no access to news reports. so we were probably get more news than they were. >> reporter: maybe all they will need is moral support but no matter what it is they need the concord ambassadors are ready to step in. >> once they know and have an opportunity to assess what's going on, then we will be able to say what is it we can do as a sister city organization to help. >> reporter: the cities have been through hard times. in 1995 the arsonists burned down the city hall. they were the first to say how can we help? the concord ambassadors are ready to return that favor. >> there may be great
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geographical distance but it appears that the emotional distance is very close. >> you are right. >> ann, thank you. [ music ] east bay school robbed and ransacked and it is one that can hardly afford to lose everything. i'm mike sugarman. that story is coming up. and i'm phil matier in san francisco. how a well intentioned effort to save this tree turned into one of the biggest headaches the building -- the public works department has seen in years. a little over 6ths of an inch of rain fell along the bay area. a bigger system heading this way will pinpoint the day to expect more raindrops as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,,, appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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cancelled today. east . thieves made such a mess at one east bay elementary school that classes were cancelled
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today. east oakland pride elementary on birch street was trashed over the weekend. mike sugarman on what was taken and why those items are going to be so difficult to replace. mike? >> reporter: well, dana, east oakland pride elementary is a place kids come to avoid the crime of their neighborhood. but they couldn't avoid seeing it today. this isn't what was supposed to be happening today at east oakland pride. but cleanup took the place of teaching today as the school tried to recover from a ransacking it took over the weekend. >> it's bad. >> reporter: second grader played on a freshly painted playground. that's something good that happened over the weekend here. but something bad happened this weekend, too. >> a lot of my students have been robbed in their homes. and so coming to their safe place which is their school, is just bringing trauma, a lot of trauma. it is no longer their safe place. >> reporter: 30 classrooms were
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broken into, the principal's office smashed with an ax. a safe in his office gone. not sure what was in it. several project tores worth hundreds of dollars each gone. those left behind covered and dusted for fingerprints. eight top of the line mac computers were yanked from the computer labs, locks busted open. they left the older models. >> i think it should be a federal offense if you break into a school, period. i mean, you are taking away from the children. >> reporter: this school is in one of the toughest poorest sections of a tough and poor district. teachers spend hundreds of dollars on their own money for supplies every year. now a lot of it has been taken or trashed. >> all of these little kids like this is, you know, east oakland where they need it the most. and all of this is happening to them. and all of the resources that we have, you know, all of the expensive tools that we have are gone. >> reporter: many here feel this was an inside job. the alarm was off. the thieves knew exactly where the valuable stuff was. who would know about a safe in the principal's office? >> obviously that's going to cause you to look more closely at the possibility that there
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was some connection. but we can't say just yet. >> reporter: this is not going to be a good week at east oakland pride anyway. district lay-off notices go out tomorrow. this school will be among the hardest hit because many here are first-year teachers. a bad week only gets worse. all police know right now is that it happened sometime saturday afternoon when parents and teachers had gathered to paint the playground. dana, the school will be open tomorrow. mike sugarman, thank you. all right. let's check in. roberta gave us the latest on a foggy even where simon was in sunset district. >> reporter: certainly see some patches of fog in the overnight hours. and then more rain after midnight. in fact let's take a look at the live cbs 5 weather camera. highs between 57 in san raphael. 68 in concord, gillroy and also at move moffat field. it seems at this particular
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time we do have most of the rain moving out of the bay area. we will see just the threat of scattered showers. but overall the bulk of precipitation from system number two is on track and heading towards the bay area. now, at this time we have all of the rain. it is moving just due east of the bay area. we do have this second system. and as it makes tracks we will try to nail down its timing for you. but meanwhile today, rainfall amounts anywhere from 2/100thths in santa rosa. a quarter of an inch in san francisco. for the most part this system is out due east. but between the power of the passage of that storm and the next one on deck. we have a high surf advisory in effect until 11:00 for some of these swells building up to 15 feet. now, tonight overnight with the blanket of mostly cloudy skies and also the areas of patchy fog, the numbers are very muggy. into the 40s and 50s for overnight lows. this is today's system. number one, now this is the second one. now it comes in two parts.
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first the warm sector. and then the cold front will bring us the bulk of the precipitation. now, our pinpoint forecast places the rain after midnight beginning in the north bay. and for tomorrow morning's commute, just about north of the golden gate bridge will be wet. and then all of this gradually slides to the south. as it does so we can see moderate to heavy rain. with that cold specter we could also see the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. tomorrow's daytime temperatures coming in slightly cooler than today it looks like anywhere from the 50s at the seashore. up 60 in san raphael. in oakland and alameda and also in piedmont. 64 for your high temperature tomorrow in san jose. we have got a very busy week ahead. after we see this storm pass through on tuesday, a chance of a lingering rain drop or two on wednesday. we will see a third system by the evening hours on thursday with the chance of a lingering shower on friday. and dana and allen, right now it looks like the weekend appears unsettled as well. iron all of this out and come back for some rainfall totals
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next time around. okay. check with you then, ro, thanks. a security warning tonight for enrollees with health net. they have lost nine server drives containing information on almost 2,000 customers. that includes 233,000 people in california. notifications went out in the mail today and healthnet has launched an investigation into those missing server drives. well, just what does it take to save one tree in san francisco? we will have that in two minutes. ,, . eyewitness news is brought to you by heavenly greens. don't miss the heavenly greens sale going on now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to save an old, beloved tree that just needs a little hel . >> it starts with a common enough story. neighbors rally to save an old beloved tree that just needs a little bit of help. what happens next? one of those classic tales that proves nothing is easy in the
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city of san francisco. phil matier in san francisco with that story tonight. phil? >> reporter: that's right, allen. you've got good intentions but mix in a little bureaucratic red tape and rules. you add in a little question about the streets of san francisco. mix in everything from a blunder to a black-out even you've got the story of the telegraph avenue tree. think of it as the public works project from hell. a simple four-week job that has turned into a three-month nightmare, complete with blunders and black-outs as full- time crews working up to six days a week toil on a job where everything that could go wrong seems to have gone wrong. >> every day there has been something interesting to watch. >> reporter: it started out simple enough. neighbors wanted to save this 70-year-old pine tree from getting banged up from transfer trucks around it. the idea was to put a bumper around the tree to divert the traffic. but then the city decided while
6:26 pm
they were at it fix up the tree and the street as well. simple enough? think again. under federal rules whenever you do any work on the streets you have to make the sidewalks next to it handicapped accessible under the federal ada rules. and that meant dropping this sidewalk about 11 inches. no sooner had the concrete dried on the new sidewalk, however, than they found out that the fire hydrant that was once here didn't fit anymore. so they had to move it across the street to its new location. the problem was they hit a pg&e pipe while they were doing it and blacked out the whole neighborhood. >> about every month or so it seems like there has been, you know, some black-outs and stuff like that. >> reporter: plus, in order to accommodate the new lowered sidewalk, they have to now lower the street. a job that has proven just as challenging. for example, today it they had a tree expert on the site to make sure that the new digging doesn't hurt the roots of the very tree that they are trying to save.
6:27 pm
so far the city estimates they have spent over $100,000 on the job. but neighbors are betting that the final tab will be a lot higher. >> there are between 5-10 people here most of the time. and these huge -- >> reporter: every day working? >> yeah. >> reporter: for the passed two months? >> yeah. not on sundays. some saturdays. >> reporter: and so it goes. and goes. and goes. >> i'm hoping that eventually i will be able to get in my garage. i don't know. >> we are just trying to get this done quickly. done quickly and as efficiently and to the best of your ability. >> reporter: and that's what they are trying to do, get this thing done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. and i certainly hope they do, in our lifetime. allen? >> never a dull moment. wouldn't it have been easier just to ban trucks from going down that street? i don't know. >> reporter: you might have thought it. but here it is about saving the tree and then fixing the road. i'm telling you, you never know when you open up something in
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san francisco. and this tree and this street is one class-a example. >> all right. phil matier, thanks. >> more after-shocks and still more remarkable video of the initial earthquake and tsunami. the latest from japan where we're just getting more bad news from the troubled nuclear plant. at least 190 people have been exposed to some radiation. how patients are treated for expose ire, even at low -- exposure, even at low levels. and considering many bay area residents live in flood zones, why is it so difficult to buy flood insurance? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ music ] well, tonight we are getting more amateur video of the moments before the powerful tsunami hit japan. you can see the waves hitting shores, smashing boats and the seagulls are just scattering. nearly 600 people are confirmed dead in this town and thousands more are missing. shocking new images of when the earthquake struck. the powerful 9.0 magnitude quake split this road in two. you can see the rupture moves
6:32 pm
as the quick continues for several minutes. and there is breaking news from japan. an explosion that rocked the nuclear power plant just about three hours ago may have damaged the unit's container. and that would dramatically increase chances of a radiation leak. samantha hayes filed this report on the scramble to appropriate -- prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> reporter: large scale emergency response continue in northern japan following the earthquake now considered to be a 9.0 magnitude and the following tsunami. they rescued stranded residents by boats and outside sendai homes and cars destroyed by the massive wall of water remain stuck in the mud. the response to the disaster has been worldwide. more than $23 million has been donated by monday. and foreign governments, including the united states, have been delivering supplies. the challenges for japan are
6:33 pm
also economic. the government is pumping in 183 million into the financial system. monday the white house expressed confidence in japan's ability to handle the financial aftermath. >> we stand ready to assist the japanese, who are our friends and allies in anyway that we can. >> reporter: also monday a damaged nuclear reactor complex continued to cause concern after cooling problems allowed nuclear fuel rods to generate radioactive steam, which officials have been trying to control. >> introducing water into the reactor, the reactor has now entered a stage where it is being cooled. >> reporter: meantime residents in the hardest hit areas struggle to find basic necessities. >> this morning, actually, the drugstore next to my house was only open for three hours but for the first time in four days they had bread. >> reporter: the temperatures are expected to drop well below freezing wednesday. in washington, i'm samantha
6:34 pm
hayes. well, first the quake and then the tsunami. and now this looming nuclear crisis. tonight japan has formally asked the united states for help with the damaged reactors in an attempt to avert nuclear catastrophe. dr. kim mulvahill joining us. and we are hearing this radioactive steam, if it is contained, could be released for weeks or even months? >> you know, that's the concern. and as you mentioned, the situation is evolving. now, as a precaution, nearly 200,000 people have been evacuated from a 12-mile radius around the crippled plant. 190 individuals have already been exposed to some radiation. and several workers have fallen ill with acute radiation sickness. many wonder what's the risk to the general public? when it comes to radiation exposure, scientists say there is a simple rule. no amount of exposure is safe. >> well, radiation is damaging the dna, which is the basic genetics of how cells divide in our body. >> reporter: and that damage can lead to cancer, which
6:35 pm
radiation expert dr. david brenner is the biggest concern. >> the bigger the risk the bigger the risk. the smaller the dose the smaller the risk. it doesn't happen overnight. 10, 20, 30 years after the exposure is when the cancer can appear. >> reporter: as for the radioactive steam it is unclear how far it will travel or the risk to the public. however the pentagon says helicopters flying 60 miles were coated with radioactive dust. radiation is cumulative even at low doses. >> there is no question that radiation produces cancer. there are debates going on whether low doses of radiation develop cancer or not? >> reporter: japan is nowhere near the disaster of chernobyl. the head of the u.s. regulatory commission says it is very
6:36 pm
unlikely we will feel any harmful effects from the radiation steam. they are distributing pills as a precaution. but the benefits of these pills are limited and misunderstood. they only help protect against thyroid cancer but block the one type of radioactive iodine. it does not help protect other organs or protect against the potential harm from other radioactive materials released by the plants. so lots of things to keep track of here. >> there is no way to protect from those other things that you were talking about. >> the best thing we can do is avoidance. >> right. >> stay clear. >> all right, kim, thanks. well, six months now since the explosion here and an important deadline now looms. what pg&e has to prove to state regulators by tomorrow. and do you need flood insurance? why some homeowners in the bay area say they can't get an agent to sell it to them. who is the only bay area
6:37 pm
teen in the ncaa tournament? i am dennis o'donnell. the as are dealt a devastating blow in spring training. tell you what happens next. ,,,, [ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's 6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99.
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news in marin county. police on the scene an armed bank robbery in corte madera [ music ] we are continuing to follow breaking news outs of marin county. joe vasquez is there. joe, what's the update? >> dana, we are learning a little more information. we will show you this but try not to push in too tight because this is an active swat situation. we don't want to give anybody an advantage who is watching t.v. this situation has been going on since 4:30. a young man according to a witness somewhere between 20 to 25 walked in saying he had a manifest owe. he was upset with the back and upset with his own financial situation. he started to post homemade paperwork on the side of the bank window. you might be able to see it in
6:40 pm
the distance there. there are some pieces of paper there on the front of the bank windows. so he is armed but apparently, according to this one witness, was not robbing the bank. he was just very upset with his financial situation. at some point he let the people in there. and he has a gun. but the fbi and the police are negotiating with them as they have the place surrounded. >> hopefully they can talk him down and get him out of there. joe vasquez please keep us posted. thank you. >> the deadline is coming fast. pg&e has until tomorrow to hand over documents proving that its gas pipe pressure levels are safe. the state public utilities commission gave the company that deadline in the wake of the san brown blast.
6:41 pm
sanbruno blast. they are expected to tell the utility to do some testing to check it for leaks. that could be expensive and an inconvenience for pg&e customers. also not clear who would foot the bill for that. the tsunami spawned by japan's earthquakes has a lot of californians asking about flood insurance. but some are finding out, and quickly, that it is a tricky to actually buy it. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains. >> reporter: it seems like this one is trying to buy flood insurance. he writes his agent simply wouldn't sell it to him, saying it is not available in san francisco. >> homeowner inside san francisco can definitely buy flood insurance. >> reporter: amy bock of the consumer group united policy holders says it is a misconception that agents can't sell flood insurance. >> it takes a little bit of effort on their part. and i think some agents, if they are not familiar with a
6:42 pm
program, they just don't want to go there. >> reporter: another reason for the confusion, city officials say san francisco opted out of fema's flood mapping project years ago. so there are no fe many. a flood zones. the maps are now being drawn. meanwhile, every homeowner can buy flood insurance through the government's national flood insurance program. now, the fema website is a great way to start. you put in your area along with your requested premium and an agent serving your area. it will usually costs $570 a year and a 30-day waiting period until it goes into effect. but will a tsunami definitely be covered? amy bock says it should because it fits the very legal definition of a flood. but like life, there are plenty of uncertainties. so review the policy carefully and ask questions before you dive in. on the consumer watch, julie
6:43 pm
watts, cbs 5. not one, not two, but three weather systems, rain storms heading towards the bay area. the day that you should expect the next raindrops as eyewitness news continues. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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already begun efforts to get help to the devastated island nation . people who live in san francisco's japan town have already begun their efforts to get help to that devastated island. today members of the japanese cultural and community association have gathered together to get that fund. it will get monetary help to some of the hardest hit regions. for some the images of japan brought back memories. >> it was an 8.9 and now it is up to a 9 magnitude. i mean, the one here just pales in comparison. and then you see the pictures of the devastation and whatnot. it's horrific. >> he is absolutely right. earlier today the usgs announced it is upgrading the magnitude of japan's quake to 9.0. there are ways to help the victims of the quake in the
6:47 pm
tsunami. go to our website and click on links and numbers. you will get a list of agencies that are coordinating emergency relief. we turn to roberta now and un settled weather for us. >> we do have an advisory in effect in the form of a high surf advisory due to a series of storms stacked up actually out over the pacific ocean. our live weather camera is looking outdoors in which we could have official sun it down a little bit later than what we are accustomed to at 7:15. but we can't see it due to the deck of clouds stacked up outside. air temperature today is 57 degrees in san raphael. just 68 in concord. for the most part the rain is out of here from this system.
6:48 pm
rainfall totals are as follows. we do have that high surf advisory in place until 11:00 with some of the waves up to 15 feet. all generated by the power of this system. and the next approaching storm. if you are out and about this evening, always advisable to carry an umbrella. but for the most part, again, this system is due east of the bay area. some areas of patchy fog are developing with the overnight lows right muggy into the 40s and into the 50s. those are lows. all right. this is the passage of the area of low pressure. this is the next system on deck. and it is kind of like two sectors. the warm front and then the cold front. and as that cold front passes through tomorrow, we even have that possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. so for your tuesday, plan on rain. pinpoint forecast rain develops overnight. and if the computer models are correct, for the morning commute most of the bay area will be dry. the precipitation will be north of the golden gate bridge
6:49 pm
before it gradually slides to the south and traverses to the east. and we could see some moderate to heavy rain. right now the computer models are still out. but we could see up to an inch and a half of rain from this fast-moving storm. now, tomorrow with the rain tapering off by the evening commute it is just hit and miss scattered showers. numbers into the 50s and into the 60s, winds out of the south 10-15 miles per hour. there you have a chance of a lingering shower on wednesday. another system, number three, by thursday evening. that will produce rain showers with a chance on friday unsettled over the weekend. okay. can you see it? this is a heart cloud. brenda donaldson said she saw this near mona lake. can you see it, guys? >> yes. >> that's kind of cute. keep the pictures coming. >> roberta the as might be in shock tonight and why the city college campus erupted in cheers up next. ,,,,,,,, "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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men's teams in the ncaa tournament...but if it's march, you can bet that the stanford women will be there...and today they found out w . for the first time since 1991 there will be no bay area teams in the ncaa tournament. but if it's march you can bet
6:53 pm
the stanford women will be there. and tonight they found out where they will begin their road to the final four. >> stanford you see them as the number one overall seed in the spokane region. they, of course, will take on uc davis as they won. >> they will host uc davis. the eighth time they have won the first seed. they are on a crash course with number three seed's ucla who they will likely meet for the right to go to the final four. it would be the fourth meeting against the bruins this season. they have won the last three. >> i really had no idea that ucla would be in our bracket. honestly, i'm shocked about that. >> we are in the pac 10 so if for us if we get a chance to play them it would be tough to go against them again. >> this is a team that is confident but not over- confident. they have played against excellent competition. so they are not -- you know, they are not -- there is nothing -- they are not afraid of, you know, anybody in the
6:54 pm
bracket. warriors coach keith smart had one of the most dramatic shots in ncaa tournament history in 1987. seconds left in the championship game, indiana trailing syracuse. >> he takes the shot and with three seconds. go ahead. >> bobby take me back in 1987. in fact, i think both of you guys were at that venue. keith smart the current golden state warrior coach has the basketball. take me back to that particular moment. >> we were down by a point. darryl thomas had the ball under the bucket. darryl looked around to see if anybody was open. and who did he find? he found keith smart. keith caught it, had his feet set and went up and hit a very makeable shot. the cut that was made by keith smart and the pass that was made by darryl thomas will forever be in my memory as the two best plays i ever saw in
6:55 pm
basketball. good stuff. and there was another thrilling finish last night at city college that was tied with citrus college for the state championship with two seconds left. >> his name is dend parker. he won for san francisco their first state title since john fitzgerald kennedy was president 83-81 over citrus. parker came home to a hero's welcome on campus today. [ applause ] >> it was chaos. after that went in we called a quick time out and got our defense set. they missed the half court shot and it was off to the races. seemed like everyone just ran on to the court and it was fun. >> how many text messages did you have? >> over 30. >> over 30? >> yeah. probably over 40 on facebook and stuff like that. >> d-end. >> well, there must be something in the water.
6:56 pm
the oakland as biggest obstacle has been their inability to stay healthy. they even changed trainer this is year. so i couldn't help but bring the topic up to billy bean at spring training. >> the injury bug has been the achilles heel for years, hasn't it? >> i am trying to stand up. >> chris carter all 250 pounds of the as young slugger faces the indians. put that in your teepee. it is obviously going to hit the sea which must obviously stand for carter. now the bad news closer andrew bailey comes off in pain. the trainers came out immediately while bailey held his right arm. the as are calling it forearm tightness. i am not a doctor, folks, but that is not forearm tightness. he had surgery on his right elbow for the second time last september. bailey will now fly to barrelingham alabama tomorrow to meet with dr. james andrews. by the way the as lost 9-8.
6:57 pm
maybe a lot more than that. finally, two incredible finishes over the weekend. >> and he has got it. and they are going to the ncaa tournament. >> and the cross-over and back and he got it. and he wins it. >> and the incredible finish. you know, we haven't started -- look at isaah this is washington unranked gets into the tournament as a result of that pretty shot. dad is pretty proud right now, yeah. >> incredible. >> thomas is from he plays for detroit? >> yes, the detroit pistons, several world champions. >> let the mad any place begin. >> all right. see you back here at 10 and 11. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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6:59 pm
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